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Welcome to AB Repair. We are an electrical repair service in Broomhill, Northumberland (Near Amble). We fix almost anything electrical but mostly DJI Drones and GHD hair straighteners. If you are needing something repaired then contact us and we'll be happy to help. Our main technician and founder Scott has been repairing since 2003.

Scott's repairing history.

I first started reparing in 2003 for a repair shop in Alnwick called George Penrose. Fixing TV's, Radios, VCRs, Vacume cleaners and DVD Players

Later I worked for Ion Oraginals fixing about 15 to 20 GHD hair straighteners a day.

After that I was a DJI authorized repairer for Heliguys and their main technician. I built and repaired all types of drones and fixed over 500 DJI Phantoms. I also built Pro drones such as the Freefly Cinestar HL8, DJI S1000 used in TV shows for the BBC, Ch4, Racetech, Game of Thrones and movies such as Star Wars and more.


Scott also has certificates in BS 7671 (17th Edition IEE Wiring Regulations), AM2 Certificate of electrotechnical occupational competence, Level 3 Certificate in electrotechnical techology installation (Buildings and structures) and many more.

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